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Where can I find your training schedule?

Please click here for our CUA Technical Training and PLT Pre-App schedule. For High Voltage Safety, Pole Top Rescue, and Chainsaw Safety, please complete the contact form on this page

Where is the training held?

What is the cost for training?

CUA Level 1 - $2300.00 (GST exempt)
CUA Level 2 - $800.00 (GST exempt)
PLT Pre-App - ~$16,850.00 (tuition, tools, & textbooks)

High Voltage Safety - $2200.00 + GST per day

Pole Top Rescue - $2200.00 + GST per day

Chainsaw Safety - $2200.00 + GST per day

CUA Technical Training: Theory portion is held in Langley, and the practical portion in Abbotsford
PLT Pre-App: At UFV in Chilliwack

High Voltage: At client's site

Pole Top Rescue: At client's site

Chainsaw Safety: At client's site

Can I take training virtually?

At this time, EITI Global does not facilitate virtual/ online training.

Do I receive a certificate after my training?

Yes! Unless requested otherwise, participants in all of our courses* receive a wallet-sized certificate card.

*CUA Level 2 participants do not receive certificates, as once their Level 2 and apprenticeship is completed, their certificate is awarded by SkilledTradesBC, the training authority for the apprenticeship

Does EITI offer any other courses not listed?

Yes - we do! We offer PSSP training and Electrical Safety Awareness through our sister company EETG. Please check out our website here for more information.

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